Don't Worry About DeSean

I think we all have to relax when it comes to worrying about DeSean Jackson.

And it seems the Eagles star wideout is ready to put all the talk about him being called out by coach Andy Reid behind him saying that the he and his teammates are already "on to the next game."

Here is what DeSean said after finally talking to reporters, according to the AP:

"I'm not here to talk about any of that," DeSean said Tuesday when asked what Reid said after the game. "What we talk about in the locker room is between me and the team."

DeSean insisted he is on good terms with Reid, saying, "There's nothing to clear -- no air, none of that." He said the same goes for teammates and that he is unfazed by speculation to the contrary.

"People can say what they want and talk about what they want," he said. "I (couldn't) care less about any of that. I'm here to play football, go out there and win football games. If it doesn't have anything to do with that, I (couldn't) care less about that."

There is no question that DeSean should have spoken to the media before Tuesday -- cleared the air. Speculation was that Reid "aired" him out after Sunday's loss to Chicago. Andy didn't direct his anger after the game but did "go off" on the team.

I'm told Reid didn't like pregame preparation from a "few" players but didn't direct his anger directly at any player.

One reason these things fester is DeSean's agent Drew Rosenhaus. His players many times have problems around the league.

So in the end I do believe DeSean is OK, and will have a big game against Houston on Thursday.

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