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The Ladies Love How Joel Embiid Smells



    The Ladies Love How Joel Embiid Smells
    The ladies love how Joel Embiid smells

    Looking for that last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your man? Still searching for love on the Hallmark holiday to end all others?

    Well, look no further.

    Joel Embiid revealed his secret trick to impress the ladies. Turns out, it doesn't have anything to do with being an All-Star or the fact that he's worth over $148 million.

    It's all in the smell.

    "I mix it up every day," Embiid told the New York Times. "Women love when a man smells really good so, you know, I've always got to smell good. Every time a woman approaches me, she feels so connected to me because I smell so good.

    "I wear this cologne called Baccarat [Baccarat Rouge 540], it's really good. It's probably the best I've ever had, that's what I wear a lot. And then I like Creed, I like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent is pretty good, too, and then Montblanc sometimes."

    Hopefully, Joel can use a little bit of that good smell to his advantage against the Heat tonight (he's questionable).