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Relegated to Spectator, Sidney Jones Taking Rehab Slow With Eagles



    Relegated to Spectator, Sidney Jones Taking Rehab Slow With Eagles
    Relegated to spectator, Sidney Jones taking rehab slow with Eagles

    Sidney Jones is not a naturally patient person. 

    So Friday was a little tough for him. 

    While the rest of the Eagles' draft picks and fellow rookies took the field for the first time in uniform, Jones was inside the NovaCare Complex, rehabbing his torn left Achilles tendon. 

    "It was kind of burning me inside not being able to play," Jones said a few hours after practice, wearing a green Eagles cap and a long-sleeve Eagles T-shirt. "And everybody is being coached up and I'm not being coached up. I just have to watch the other guys do their stuff. It's hard, but it's a process. You'll learn patience going through this." 

    Jones, the Eagles' second-round pick in April, would have been a first-rounder had he not suffered an Achilles tear at the University of Washington pro day. In fact, he was an option for the Eagles at 14. Instead, they took him with the 43rd pick. 

    On Thursday, Jones arrived at the team facility for the first time, which offered the first chance for Eagles doctors and trainers to get a closer look at him. Both Jones and head coach Doug Pederson said the coaching staff was happy with what they saw, but neither offered up any sort of timetable nor any indication if Jones' rookie season will be a redshirt year. 

    A recent report said Jones is expected to be back on the field in October, but Friday, the 20-year-old rookie said the report wasn't credible. 

    "We're just going to follow the protocol and the schedule," Jones said. "No rush to get me back. We're just gonna go whenever I'm ready and whenever everyone else feels ready."

    After this weekend's rookie camp, Jones will travel back to the University of Washington to continue his rehab and won't return to Philadelphia until June 10, in advance of the team's mandatory minicamp. Barring a setback, he'll reach one major milestone during that month away.  

    The walking boot on his left leg is scheduled to be removed on May 21. At that time, Jones expects his rehab to begin "ramping up." 

    "That's when everything kind of shifts, getting that boot off," he said. "It's going to be less support and you can just do more stuff without the boot, and I'll be ready to do more stuff without the boot."

    Because he isn't admittedly the most patient person, Jones said he'll need to make sure he doesn't push himself too hard once that boot comes off. 

    For now, it's all about the long game. 

    In the meantime, Jones is going to try to focus on learning his playbook and new terminology. Fellow rookie corner Rasul Douglas will play a big role in keeping Jones updated with the goings-on during practice. The two have become instantly close (more on Douglas here).

    How can Jones get better while sitting out for months? 

    Mental reps, film study, weight-room work and nutrition, he said. 

    If Jones can regain the form that made him the player he once was, the Eagles will have pulled off the steal of the 2017 NFL draft. And Jones thinks he "definitely" will once again be that player. 

    "I feel that way exactly," he said. "Just my hard work and my work ethic. I just know myself and just wanting to get back on the field and that hungry mentality. It's just going to drive me to be the best."