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Malcolm Jenkins Shared Incredible Footage of His Parade Experience



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    Malcolm Jenkins shared incredible footage of his parade experience

    "Philly do it better than anybody," Malcolm Jenkins said yesterday.

    And no athlete in Philly does it better than Malcolm Jenkins when it comes to giving his all.

    Now that the city of Philadelphia has been treated to the Eagles Super Bowl championship parade, it's a memory that will be ironed into our hearts and minds forever. Most of us had an incredible experience along Broad Street and in front of the Art Museum, but we can only imagine what a wild ride it was on the Eagles' busses.

    Thanks to a video Malcolm shared via the Players' Tribune, we can all get a nice little glimpse of what his day was like and it does not disappoint.

    There's breakfast with his daughter, bus dilemmas with the boys of how to get the speakers to work, walking the streets and posing with the people, the insane views of the huge crowds near City Hall, Jason Kelce as the Mummer, a little cognac, and some "We are the Champions" at the end at the Art Museum. Fitting, as this video is a work of art.

    And here's what my view of that final song looked like from the crowd.