Could Alou Be What the Phillies Are Searching For?

The search for a right-handed bat continues to appear priority No. 1 for the Phightin Phils as the team tries to round out its lineup.

The Phils search might not have to go much further than a trip up the New Jersey Turnpike.

Veteran Moises Alou, who (sort of) played last season for the New York Mets, is the latest name being kicked around the rumor mill.

(Wow, that No-Mar rumor lasted for about two days)

A major-league source said that the Phils are after the free-agent Alou "pretty hard," according to report on

The 42-year-old outfielder has had a distinguished career as a lifetime .303 hitter. The six-time All Star also has 332 homers and 1,287 RBIs in 17 seasons in the Majors.

But, Alou hasn't been the same player lately.

The fact that Alou barely saw the field last season can't make the Phils feel great. He only played 15 games for the Mets as he battled a slew of injuries.

Health concerns on a 42-year-old ballplayer should raise all sorts of flags for the Phils.

Alou just might not be the solution the Phils are looking for off the bench. He might not even want to play here in the first place.

He reportedly wants to play more than just a part-time role and may have his eyes on the American League where he could get some time as a designated hitter. Both of those things wouldn't likely happen in Philly.

Which Alou the Phils would get also remains a mystery. He could hit .300 and fill in some in the outfield or could spend most of the season on the disabled list.

Nevertheless the Phils seem to be going hard at adding a veteran right-handed bat so don't be surprised to see Alou in red pinstripes but, then again, there are plenty of former All-Star players' names that could still boil on the World Champs' hot stove.

It seems that Jeff Conine and Jeff Kent are still retired -- oops -- make that available.

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