Charlie Manuel Versus Twitter

"Pound Swoooooosh"

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Baseball season can be a long and frustrating ordeal -- especially during a four-game slump -- so it's perfectly normal to cut loose every now and again and watch the players and coaches cut loose and enjoy themselves, even when things aren't going so well.

Fortunately for us, we are blessed with Shane Victorino and Charlie Manuel, who may have just given us the greatest bit of video footage we are likely to see all season.

Last week, Charlie and Shane stopped by the MLB Fan Cave when they were in New York to play the Mets. While hanging in the cave, Charlie took it upon himself to read some of the tweets sent out by Shane, Jimmy Rollins, Hunter Pence and John Mayberry.

Predictably, hilarity ensued.

Charlie is a southern boy from Virginia who is also in his late 60s, so I can say with confidence that he neither knows about or cares to know about the machinations of the Twittersphere, so hearing him say “pound clutch” when reading "#clutch" is eleven shades of funny. Plus, I can't think of a guy less suited to speak in front of a camera while attempting to decipher one of Victorino's tweets.

Go ahead and watch it for yourself, and I dare you to not walk around saying “pound swoooooosh” all day.

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