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Sixers Great Charles Barkley Says He Named Daughter After Delaware Mall

Barkley reveals he named daughter after a local mall originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Sixers great Charles Barkley spent nine seasons playing professional basketball in Philadelphia, and the region clearly left a huge mark on his life.

So huge that, five years into his playing career, Barkley decided to name his daughter after a local mall.


Barkley revealed this little tidbit on a recent episode of The Steam Room podcast, which he hosts with fellow NBA on TNT personality Ernie Johnson. Unfortunately his daughter is not named Prussia Barkley, but the brief story is still hilarious both for Barkley's reasoning and Johnson's reaction.

You can watch the interaction here:

And here's the full transcription of the explanation:

"BARKLEY: She's named after a mall, in fairness. [laughs] There's a Christiana Mall in Delaware that I always used to go by. That's how she got her name, Christiana.

"EJ: Hold on - stop.

"BARKLEY: What is it?

"EJ: You named your daughter after a mall?


"EJ: Why?

"BARKLEY: I don't know, I just liked the mall.

"EJ: You're a mess, man. [laughs]"

Gonna have to side with EJ here. It's not that Christiana isn't a good name. It's a great name! It's unique, and I think Christiana Barkley really rolls off the tongue.

But... you couldn't think of a better reason to name her Christiana than the name of some random mall in Newark, Delaware? Chuck, buddy, why are you like this?

The mall is about 35 miles southwest of the Stadium Complex, but Barkley has also been spotted in recent years at the Target on City Ave and a bar in Manayunk (RIP Derek's) among other places, so the guy clearly likes to maneuver all over the Greater Philadelphia Area. 

A few other possible names, based on local malls:

  • Franklin Barkley
  • Cherry Barkley
  • Roosevelt Barkley
  • Kresson Barkley
  • Brandywine Barkley

Incredibly, some of those are actually good. Maybe Chuck is on to something. What a guy.

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