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This Week's Winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is...



    This Week's Winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is...

    This week's winner of the NBC10 "Game of the Week," is Garnet Valley High School versus Conestoga High School.

    The Garnet Valley Jaguars will have home field advantage for a night game against the Conestoga Pioneers on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

    A total of 30,324 votes were cast in this week’s poll. The Kingsway/Camden game came close in second with 43-percent of the votes, while the Council Rock South/Council Rock North game reeled in only 5-percent of the votes. The Garnet Valley/Conestoga game won with 52-percent of the votes.

    Garnet Valley boasts a 9-0 record this season, having gone undefeated in all of its games both home and away. That also makes Garnet the number one team in the Central League.

    GV’s varsity football coach Mike Ricci has been leading the school’s team since 1985. Through all of the years, Ricci says his team’s philosophy has not changed; it’s all about taking it one game at a time.

    “Our philosophy of our program is to take it one game at a time,” Ricci said. “So, we start out the season trying to be 1 and 0, from there we want to be 2-0; and right now we want to be able to continue doing that and we’re sitting at 9-0. So our goal for this week is to be 10-0.”

    A large crowd of excited students and fans are expected at Friday’s game. Ricci says GV’s students have been very supportive of all of the school’s sports teams this season.

    “We have such a great support from our student community. There’ll be a big crowd here or a lot of kids who are really into the game. We’ve had a fantastic fall sports season at Garnet valley with our women’s volley ball team, and our field hockey team, and girls soccer; a lot of the teams have done really well, and the student body and the school community has been fantastic in coming out to support them,” he said.

    Despite their being up against Conestoga’s tough defense, Ricci’s team plans on leaving tomorrow’s game with another win.

    “We try and execute our offense and take what the defense gives us. They play real tough defense so we know we’re gonna have to be on top of our game and really control the ball. We also want to keep it out of their offenses hands; their offense is really explosive,” he said.

    “But our defense has been playing really well this year also. So, we’re hoping we can continue to shut them down. We always go into every game feeling like we can win.”

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