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Ruffled Feathers

The Eagles poor performance in Oakland left fans wondering what happened



    Ruffled Feathers
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    Andy Reid said the Raiders coached and played better in Sunday's embarrassing loss.

    There are no two ways about it -- Sunday was an embarrassing day to be an Eagles fan.

    Our eyes hurt after watching it, but that was nothing compared to the horrible taste left in our mouths following the defeat to an Oakland Raiders team that had only one win prior to Sunday’s slop-fest.

    Eagles fans who wanted answers from Monday’s press conference with Andy Reid got the standard “it starts with me” treatment that we’ve heard for 11 seasons now.

    You can blame it on a number of things: Was it our decimated offensive line? Some fans already came up with a catchy nickname for the unit -- “EZ-Pass.”

    Reid Talks About Getting Raided

    [PHI] Reid Talks About Getting Raided
    Eagles Coach Andy Reid gave his usual short statement about the Eagles loss to the Oakland Raiders.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 19, 2009)

    Sunday’s loss could also be attributed to our lack of a run game -- the Birds ran a total of 14 rushing plays. The offensive play calling was certainly unbalanced, but how can they run the ball with “EZ Pass” as an O-line?

    Reid chalked the embarrassing loss up to fundamentals -- the Raiders blocked and tackled better than us. Raiders’ wideout Louis Murphy certainly did his share of blocking when he led tight end Zach Miller 86-yards down the field, laying out two Eagles defenders in the process.

    Did anyone else notice how long it took Miller to reach the end zone? It looked like Asante Samuel could have caught Miller running backwards.

    Right now the Eagles are mediocre at best -- they are 3-2 with victories over the Carolina Panthers (2-3), Tampa Bay Bucs (0-6) and the Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) -- all terrible teams.

    But should the Eagles feel a sense of desperation at this point?

    “Coming off a game like we just had, you’re gonna feel a little desperate,” Andy Reid said.

    Desperate or not, we can all agree on one thing -- Sunday’s loss should certainly light a fire under the Birds’ tailfeathers.

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