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An Insider's View Of the Phillies Victory

Sharing the Champagne Celebration



    An Insider's View Of the Phillies Victory
    Phillies players celebrating winning the National League Pennant

    For a kid growing up in Philly, last night was one of those nights we will all remember together. 


    It's been too long -- the last time the Phils were in the World Series I was a senior in high school. I remember the party outside the Vet that night in '93 when they clinched.


    It seems that for many of you this win brought back so many memories. I have heard from so many friends, even back from high school about their memories. 


    To cover the Phils last night in LA was surreal.

    Each player has a story:

    • Outfielder Geoff Jenkins had a baby boy born that afternoon -- three weeks early. He made it to the ballpark late, so he was talking in the champagne soaked locker room about his two miracles in one day. 
    • Jamie Moyer, 45 years old, was in tears, but seemed happier for the younger guys. 
    • Shane Victorino kissing his daughter is another image I have in my head. He had lost his grandma during this series -- the pinnacle of his career so far -- so it made it even more emotional.

    These Phillies, especially Jimmy Rollins and Pat Burrell have been here through the growing pains and they talked about putting 1993 behind them -- tired of hearing about that team. They say this the start of a new legacy. 


    This is going to be a special time Philadelphia. And, the only man to manage a World Series champion in this town (Dallas Green) believes this group can end our title drought. 

    Enjoy the ride... You never know when the next one will come.