76ers Are the Best Team in the NBA*

Since Jan. 6 that is.

The Sixers have the best record in the NBA*

Notice the asterisk?

You gotta love those stats that take an arbitrary date and make a team or player look great or horrible at something since that date.

Well the latest such stat to hit the market is that the Philadelphia 76ers have the best record in the NBA -- since January 6 that is.

The Sixers are 14-4 since that faithful Tuesday night and their .778 winning percentage edges out NBA-Finals favorites in the form of the L.A. Lakers (.750) and the Boston Celtics (.737).

The Sixers sent out a release Thursday to share this unique stat.

Next thing you know the Eagles will send out a relase that complements Andy Reid on his career .588 playoff winning percentage -- that includes zero Super Bowl wins.

Even though this .778 stat uses some creative process the Sixers should be commended.

Simply put, the Sixers have become winners.

They can thank part of the recent success on the seven-game home stretch they just completed. But, they had to win far before the home stand to get where they are -- fifth in the Eastern conference.

There is no way that the Sixers catch the Boston Celtics in the Atlantic but should the 76ers continue their winning ways they should easily slide into the fourth or fifth seed in the East. That seeding is important -- they would get a fairly easy first round match up against a team like the Atlanta Hawks instead of the C's, Cleveland Cavs or Orlando Magic.

So here is to you Sixers... Forget Elton Brand -- you're the best in the NBA without him (does the same go for the Clippers?)

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