30-Plus Isn't Too Old for Every Defender

Eagles legend Brian Dawkins is too old to be an Eagle but 30 isn't too old for everyone.

The former Eagles safety (doesn't that sound strange) will turn 36 next season -- a.k.a. "ancient" in terms of being a productive NFL secondary player.

The Birds let B-Dawk walk in part because his age doesn't warrant big bucks. They low-balled the guy despite years of leadership and dedication.

Now, the Birds target is exactly the type of player they didn't want in Dawkins.

The latest free agent to visit the Birds is cornerback Shawn Springs -- who turns 34 next week, according to his NFL player profile.

How can the Eagles let a defensive back (B-Dawk) leave because he is in the twilight of his career and then turn right around to talk to another defensive back (Springs) on the tail end of his playing days?

It just doesn't make sense.

Springs isn't the move Birds fans need to see to believe that the Birds are committed to winning it all.

The interest in the former Washington Redskin certainly won't appease fans who are already fired up that the Eagles didn't offer Dawkins more money to remain with the team instead of jumping ship to Denver.

It doesn't help that Springs has only one Pro Bowl appearance in his 12 NFL seasons compared to Dawkins' seven trips to Honolulu in 13 seasons.

Springs can't be viewed as an upgrade. He only played nine games last season due to injury while Dawk played all 16.

Springs, despite playing the best position for picking off passes, only recorded as many interceptions (one) as Eagles defensive lineman Mike Patterson.

If the Eagles sign Springs they will have gone against the philosophy of not signing players on the wrong side of 30. They have let Hugh Douglas, Bobby Taylor and others walk in the past -- now they let Dawkins and presumably Jon Runyan do the same.

The Eagles should let Springs be and instead focus on getting a legit free agent -- oh yeah, most of the really good ones are gone already -- just look towards Denver.

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