Toomey Says VP Candidacy is Unlikely

The Senator dismissed the rumors of being on the Republican VP ticket

United States Senator Pat Toomey dismissed the rumors that he could be a possibility for Vice President. 

Toomey, who in 14 months has emerged as a visible free-market conservative in Congress, said Friday he is confident that GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney would govern as a conservative, although Toomey also dismissed speculation that he could end up on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate.

" think that's so extremely unlikely that I don't spend any time thinking about it.'' Toomey said. "I've got a great, great job that's very challenging, it's fascinating, it's exciting and it's rewarding. ... I think there's a whole lot more that I can accomplish, so I'm focused on being the very best senator I can be.''

The Senator has previously praised Mitt Romney’s economic plan, but has not yet endorsed any republican candidate. 
There is precedent for a Pennsylvania senator as a vice presidential pick. In 1976, Ronald Reagan picked then-Pennsylvania Sen. Richard Schweiker to run on his ticket, although Reagan lost the nomination to Gerald Ford.
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