Obama Win Intoxicates Philly Streets

After coming out in enormous numbers to celebrate the Phillies World Series win, Philadelphia hit the streets again to celebrate the White House victory of Barack Obama..

Almost as soon as it became clear that Barack Obama would become the nation's first African American president, Philadelphians took to Broad Street for an impromptu celebration and rally of the historic moment.

Thousands of people gathered outside City Hall for an impromptu celebration, shortly after 11 o'clock.

"Barack is in the house," shouted Pamela Williams, 46, of West Philadelphia, who danced among the slowed traffic as horns blared.  "This is very important to me. Change is about to happen."

Voter turnout was just as strong yesterday.

"I want to be part of history," business consultant and Obama supporter Cynthia Boscia, 50, said at the First Presbyterian Church in Allentown.

Jennifer Capozzi, 25, a registered Republican in Philadelphia, said she regretted voting for President Bush in 2004 and disliked what she viewed as the negative tack of McCain's campaign.

"I feel like (Obama) has the energy we need to get the country back on track," she said.

The candidates split the white vote, but Obama held a commanding lead among blacks and Hispanics, according to an analysis of information from voters interviewed as they left polling places.

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