Delaware Homeowners Getting Less for Going Green

State cuts green energy rebates

Delaware's Green Energy Program lowered its rebates for homeowners who installed green energy in their homes.

Due to the high demand of green energy systems in homes, the state will cut coverage of the project’s cost in half from 50 percent discounts on green projects to only 25 percent.

Those residents who installed renewable energy systems such as solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling systems at their homes were the ones eligible for the rebate.

“The state rebate made it a lot more affordable and the return on our investment made it worthwhile to do,” said homeowner Leonard Read.

Now people may have to wait up to three years to get their rebates, according to Green Energy Program Planner, Scott Lynch. If the state didn't cut reimbursement rates the residents could have waited longer, he said.

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