Ask The Mayor: Your Top Issues

Quality of life issues were at the top of the list for those of you who sent in questions for our one hour "Ask the Mayor" town hall event on Tuesday night. Under that umbrella topic, getting people to keep their neighborhoods clean was a big gripe.

Megan Thomas wants to know what can be done to keep the city's playgrounds clean. She likes to take her daughter to the Fishtown Recreation Center, but says, "It's always littered with garbage, including glass."

And there's this from "Bitter bout Litter" --

"I just moved over the bridge from New Jersey. I own a business here and I am looking to buy a house, but everywhere I look, there is my neighborhood (Spring Garden section) on my way to work (Callowhill to Vine Street) and now people just dump their trash anywhere they want (like the mattress across from Glaxo Smith Kline that's been there for weeks)

Can't you clean up this city???? NYC is cleaner than here. . .It's the worst and soooo depressing to me...I love this city and would help!

Of the nearly 200 questions we've categorized so far, Crime, Safety and Taxes are also big areas of concern.


You can listen to the specific questions and answers that were addressed during the hour. Here is the entire show, sliced up into five segments:

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