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After Mack: Special Election to Determine Trenton's New Mayor

Trenton voters head to polls for mayoral runoff election



    Eric Jackson and Paul Perez are the candidate's to replace former Trenton mayor Tony Mack. (Published Tuesday, June 10, 2014)

    Voters in New Jersey's capital city are heading back to the polls for a runoff election to choose a mayor.

    Paul Perez and Eric Jackson were the top two vote-getters from a field of six candidates in last month's nonpartisan Trenton mayoral election. But since neither captured more than half the vote, they are on the ballot again in Tuesday's runoff election in the city of 84,000.

    Jackson has served as the city's director of public works and had the most votes in the initial election. Both candidates have been rolling out endorsements from local and state leaders. Jackson has received the backing of many top Democrats.

    Perez is seeking to become Trenton's first Latino mayor and is running as an outsider.

    He grew up in the city but has spent most of the last three decades away, serving in the Army and then working as a security management consultant based in Washington, D.C.

    Both men pledge to run a clean city government. The last person elected to the post is Tony Mack, who was convicted of corruption and is expected to report to federal prison soon.