Divorce Battle: Connecticut Countess Can't Live on $43M

HARTFORD, Conn -- All is fair in love and war, but the dissolution of a high-profile marriage in Connecticut is becoming a royal pain.

Former United Technologies Corp. president and current board Chairman George David, 67, and his estranged wife, Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David, headed to Hartford Family Court on Wednesday morning, bringing their increasingly vicious divorce out in the open.

She said she just can't live on $43 million.

(Click here to read her expenses in court documents.)

The two, who married in 2002, were not able to reach an out-of-court settlement in recent days.

Douglas-David is keeping in good company with her legal team. She hired high-profile New York City divorce lawyer William Beslow, whose celebrity clients have included Christie Brinkley, Tatum O'Neal and Marla Maples.

Not to be outdone, David has Adria Hillman on his witness list for the trial. Hillman represented business billionaire Ron Perlman in his divorces against former socialite Patricia Duff and actress Ellen Barkin. He also represented actress Beverly D'Angelo when she and Al Pacino fought over custody of their twins.

"I'm just very sad that we are where we are," said Douglas-David.  "I hope we resolve this soon so everybody can move on with their lives."

It's turning out to be a real-life "War of the Roses," let's just hope they don't fight over extravagant homes and fall from chandeliers.

At the center of every multi-million dollar marriage is the prenup, but a post-nup?

Wednesday's proceedings are expected to center on the validity of a 2005 post-nuptial agreement that provided Douglas-David with about $43 million, but it's an agreement she contends is unenforceable, according to The Hartford Courant.

David, who has an estimated net worth of $329 million, is asking the court to uphold the agreement.

Douglas-David is accusing David of cruelty, saying he coerced her into signing the agreement. 

Douglas-David is seeking additional money, real estate and jewelry and says the money isn't enough to maintain her $53,000-per-week living expenses.  Their divorce trial started Wednesday because they were unable to reach an out-of-court settlement.

David stepped down as chief executive of United Technologies last year, but remains chairman of the board. He earned nearly $27 million in 2007 in salary and bonuses. 

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