How to Transition From Summer to Fall in Style

Fall is right around the corner but don't ditch your summer wardrobe just yet. 

Maria Sansone visits consignment shop Covet, in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood to get some fashion tricks that are both stylish and sustainable. 

Dress for the weather
You can wear a summery, flowy skirt with a t-shirt and sandals in the summer. Then take the same skirt and t-shirt but add a leather jacket and some booties to make it a fall look.

Mix patterns
Don't feel like everything needs to match. You might not think to pair a floral tank top with a plaid blazer. But as you can see on the model in the video, it works because they're both in a similar color family with browns and beiges. 

Break the rules
There are certain fashion rules that are meant to be broken; not wearing white after Labor Day is one of them. 

A white cropped linen pant is a quintessential summer staple. Update it for fall with a chunky white sweater and black leather accessories to tie it all together. 

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