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Pyeongchang Makes Winter Olympics History for Most Condoms Given to Athletes

Pyeongchang is preparing for one freaky (and safe!) 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

The South China Morning Post reports that a total of 110,000 condoms will be distributed to the 2,925 Olympic athletes, breaking the record for most contraceptive devices given to participants in Winter Olympics history. In theory, this means Olympians will have access to 37 condoms each.

The publication notes 10,000 fewer condoms were passed out during the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Games. For reference, more than 450,000 condoms and 175,000 packets of lubricant were provided at the 2016 Rio Games, though almost four times as many sportsmen and women competed.

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According to the publication, condoms will be available at restrooms throughout both Olympic Villages as well as media and medical centers.

Spokesperson Chung Geun-sik said they "don't expect the athletes to use them all," but the Olympics have certainly garnered a reputation for encouraging hot and heavy hookups.

"It's pretty intense," an insider told E! News during the 2016 Games. "Some athletes wait until after their competition [to party] and then others have hookups between practices because they say sex actually helps them reach for the gold."

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