‘Tupac' Smashes 14 Police Cars With a Hammer

A half-naked, hammer-wielding man claimed he was Tupac Shakur as he smashed up more than one dozen Philadelphia Police vehicles early Wednesday morning.

The vandal did damage to at least 14 police cruisers parked outside the 6th Police District at 11th and Winter Streets in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood, Philadelphia Police Capt. Brian Korn told NBC10's Jesse Gary.

"He wanted to prove a point that he could actually shut down the police department," said police Lt. Paul Hammer.

The man carried an archaeology hammer -- a pickax-like device -- when he got out of his car near the police station around 5:15 a.m.

He was wearing only boxers and boots as he began to swing the hammer at police cars, SUVs and even the front door of the station, according to investigators.

"We heard the sound of breaking glass, we went out to investigate to see what was going on and I observed a male in his boxers with a hammer in his hand," said Hammer -- one of the first officers on the scene. "By the time we had got to the corner he had already broken multiple windows and he had been apprehended by one of our other officers."

Police said the unidentified man claimed he is Tupac Shakur -- the rapper died in 1996 but conspiracy theorists have long rumored that 'Pac actually survived being shot.

Hammer said the man basically gave himself up but that a stun gun was called upon just in case it was needed. 

Officers took the suspect to Jefferson University Hospital for observation.

No officers were hurt during the rampage.

Some of the damage done to the police cars included broken windshields and dented doors. Police didn't put an immediate price tag on the havoc done.

Originally it was believed the suspect carried a baseball bat but police later clarified it was actually the hammer in his hands.

The suspect could be charged with felony criminal mischief, according to investigators.

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