Philly-Bound Flight Diverted to Ireland After Flight Attendants Fall Ill

A US Airways flight traveling from Venice to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland on Saturday.

Officials say US Airways Flight 715 was traveling from Venice to Philly when nine flight attendants began to complain of nausea, running eyes and dizziness.

The flight switched directions and landed at Dublin Airport in Ireland around 3:15 p.m.

The diverted plane is an Airbus A330-200, according to officials. Officials also say 185 passengers were on board at the time though none of them were injured or sickened.

"US Airways flight 715 from Venice to Philadelphia diverted to Dublin because several of our flight attendants reported medical issues,” a US Airways spokesperson said in an official statement. “Medical professionals are evaluating our flight attendants and we are re-accommodating our customers on other flights to Philadelphia."

Officials have not yet revealed what caused the sickness among the flight attendants.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

Last week, another US Airways Flight that took off from Philly International and was heading to Orlando was forced to land after it hit turbulence. Six people were injured in the incident.

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