Octomom Sued for the Good of the Children

With all of the many people out there who believe that Octomom Nadya Suleman is an unfit mother, at least one person was bound to take legal action.

That person is Gloria Allred, feminist attorney to the stars.

Allred announced today that she is suing to protect the infant octuplets, citing California state child labor laws as they relate to the entertainment industry, and specifically the Reality TV bits that Suleman has already done and is planning to do.

The lawyer has some standing, perhaps, because she represented "Angels in Waiting," a non-profit nursing agency which had volunteered their services to Suleman before Octomom fired them for "spying."

Allred was joined by Paul Petersen, a former embattled child star who played young Jeff Stone on the Donna Reed show and in 1990 formed "A Minor Consideration," an advocacy group for children in the entertainment industry.

Petersen said he has kept an eye on the Octo-developments since the kids were born.

"How long have I been concerned? From the get-go -- we all knew what was going on," he said at a news conference.

Police and child welfare officials visited the Suleman home in La Habra, Calif. last week to question Octomom about bite marks and a black eye on her 4-year-old autistic son.

Allred said that the suit to intervene on behalf of the children only covers the octuplets born on Jan. 26, but she is concerned for the other children as well.

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