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‘Doomed the Planet': Noah, Kimmel Sound Off on Trump Leaving Paris Agreement

"It was a chance to save Mother Earth," Trevor Noah said

With ample sound bites and news clips to play with, TV's late-night hosts took their chance Thursday to explain President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Trevor Noah was first up on "The Daily Show," not holding back on the president who "may have doomed the planet."

"We all joke about him destroying the world, but this could be it," the South Africa native said. 

The U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency, emits the second-most amount of carbon dioxide in the world, behind China. Noah explained why it may not be best for America to leave the plan that united 194 other countries in a group effort to fight climate change.

"After the Earth's temperature crosses a certain threshold we may not be able to go back," Noah said. "It's like telling your girlfriend that her friend is hot. That problem is manmade and irreversible. You can never take it back."

Noah called attention to the fact that even North Korea signed the deal and that only two countries didn't: Nicaragua and Syria.

"Syria didn't sign because, I mean, they got other things on their mind," he joked. "I'm sure we can all agree that Syria gets a pass."

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And while Trump argued that leaving the deal helped fulfill his promise to put America — or at least cities such as Pittsburgh — first, Noah countered that there are just some things you should leave in the past.

"You can't bring back coal jobs," he said. "It may have been big back in the day, but it's not going to work now. It's like 'Baywatch.' You can't save it. It doesn't matter who you bring."

The president also argued that the plan put America at an economic disadvantage to the rest of the world, which made other countries laugh at the U.S.

"No one was laughing at you, Donald," Noah concluded. "The other countries were cheering because it was a chance to save Mother Earth."

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Jimmy Kimmel took his turn on ABC's "Jimmy Jimmel Live," first showing a clip of the president speaking with a large, red devil character superimposed in the background.

Explaining why so many big companies, such as ExxonMobil and Wal-mart, supported America's participation in the deal, he joked, "It turns out if climate change destroys human life on Earth, it could be bad for business."

Trump said he intends to negotiate a better deal. However, France, Italy and Germany issued a joint statement explaining that the climate deal cannot be renegotiated.

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