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‘New Celebrity Apprentice’ Premieres With New Host and New Catchphrase

Though Schwarzenegger was filmed using several different sendoffs, the final result seemed the most fitting

NBC’s highly anticipated "The New Celebrity Apprentice" premiered Monday night with a two-hour episode and a new host: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over the boardroom from former "Apprentice" boss turned President-elect Donald Trump.

What helped propel Trump to fame was his "Apprentice" catchphrase, “You’re fired,” which he used to eliminate contestants from the competition. The poignant sendoff had many wondering how Schwarzenegger would set himself apart in the new show. 

Schwarzenegger, the former bodybuilder from Austria who became a Hollywood star, and California governor from 2003 to 2010, said that even he did not know what his sendoff would be. He said that several different versions were taped, each featuring him uttering a different phrase, some plays on his famous movie lines. 

The final result seemed the most fitting. “You’re terminated," Schwarzenegger said as he eliminated the first contestant, YouTube star Carrie Keagan. The new boss then sat back in his chair and lit a cigar.

When Schwarzenegger fired the second contestant, singer Carnie Wilson, he added a cool “Hasta la vista, baby” as she left the boardroom for the helicopter.

Schwarzenegger starred in the “Terminator” film franchise from 1984 to 2015.

Also appearing on the show was Schwarzenegger’s nephew Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger, an entertainment lawyer. Knapp Schwarzenegger took over the sidekick role formerly occupied by Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

There was no mention of Trump in the premiere.

"The New Celebrity Apprenctice" is produced and owned by MGM and appears on NBC.

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