Twitter Group Warned “Schoolgirls” About Weiner

Months before Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted to being a tweeter cheater, a group of conservatives were already onto him, The New York Times reports. The self-described #bornfreecrew monitored the Democrat's every tweet and kept track of the young women he followed, warning those they believed to be "schoolgirls" (including college co-ed Genette Cordova) to stay away from Weiner. It was @PatriotUSA76 of the Twitter crew who discovered the infamous boxer shorts photo sent to Cordova and told blogger Andrew Breitbart. Shortly after addressing the media, Politico reports that Weiner apologized to Bill Clintion for lying about sexting with half a dozen women. Weiner's wife has been a long-time aide to the Clintons, and she is considered a close family friend.

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