N. Korea Atrocities “Strikingly Similar” to Nazis': UN

Atrocities committed by North Korea against its own people are "strikingly similar" to those the Nazis perpetrated, a United Nations panel chief said Monday, following the release of an unprecedented UN report that NBC News' foreign affairs respondent Andrea Mitchell called "shocking." The report based on the UN's year-long investigation called for urgent action by the international community to intervene to stop what it called the North Korean regime's crimes against humanity and "unspeakable atrocities." The UN report detailed hundreds of victims' descriptions of starvation and torture in everyday life, as well as the country's notorious labor camps, where as many as 120,000 people are believed to be imprisoned and where many inmates have reportedly been murdered or starved to death. "At the end of the Second World War so many people said, 'If only we had known,'" the inquiry chairman told reporters Monday. "Well, now the international community does know," he said of the report.

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