Family Questions Woman's Fatal Shooting by Border Patrol

New details in the case of a mother fatally shot by a Border Patrol agent in southern California were released Tuesday that claim the woman was inside a house where agents were following up on information about drug activity. Though the investigation is ongoing, the police released some details in a case that has troubled the family and friends of Valeria "Munique" Alvarado, who was shot and killed on Friday. According to police, Alvarado, also known as Valeria Tachiquin, was inside a home when a group of agents came to the door to arrest a prior deported felon. Police said the agents identified themselves as law enforcement and knew at the time that the people inside had prior complaints of drug activity. Alvarado was fatally shot by an agent after she left the home, followed by multiple plain-clothes agents, and tried to drive away, hitting one agent multiple times with her car while they tried to stop her. Prior to the release of the details, Alvarado's family was desperate for answers and critical of the agents who shot her. "Why he had to shoot my daughter nine times, I don't understand," her father said.

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