15 Thieves Rob Luxury Paris Watch Maker

As many as 15 robbers pulled off a spectacular holdup of one of Paris' finest jewelers Friday, making off with a million-dollar loot, NBC News reported. Two suspects are in custody, French police said, but the others remain at large -- and the 20 or so luxury watches the gang stole remain missing. Two well-dressed men rang the doorbell of Vacheron Constantin boutique on the Rue de la Paix in the heart of Paris. When the sales clerk opened the front entrance, the men immediately blocked the door open, allowing a third man to rush in with a gun. He was closely followed by seven or eight masked and armed men. With axes and baseball bats, they smashed jewelry counters and windows to steal the goods. The heist took about three minutes, witnesses said, with one of the robbers timing the operation on a stopwatch. Early estimates put the value of the stolen watches at one million euros -- more than $1.3 million.

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