Philly Mom Spends $25K on Camel, Sand, Cars for Son's Prom

Saudia Shuler says it was all worth it after taking on cancer and suffering from a stroke

One Philadelphia teenager's mom took his prom to the extreme, spending $25,000 on a camel, three tons of sand and exotic cars. He brought three dates, all in custom-made gowns, and wore three different outfits himself.

Saudia Shuler says she had thought of sending her only son, Johnny Eden Jr., to Dubai for a visit. Instead, she decided to bring Dubai to Philadelphia for the formal dance.

She brought the sand and the camel into their neighborhood for photos. Luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini, were on loan for the evening.

Shuler, who owns the North Philadelphia restaurant Country Cookin, says it was all worth it after going through years of tragedies and life-threatening health issues.

The 43-year-old woman told Billy Penn her son's father was murdered and she lost a baby she was carrying at the time. She was then struck by a car in 2007 and was unable to continue her job as a hairstylist. Her health troubles continued when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which she underwent surgery for in 2015. She also suffered a stroke and several seizures.

While dealing with the stroke, Shuler made a vow to put on a huge prom for her son if she lived to see it, according to Billy Penn. She began saving up money for the event each week until she was finally able to fulfill that promise in a big way, creating a sendoff for her son that few will ever forget.

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