Craigslist Ad Leads to Man's Murder

Police have questioned a person-of-interest in the shooting death of a South Jersey man

A South Jersey man was shot and killed in Philadelphia as he attempted to answer a sale ad on Craigslist.

Daniel Cook, 27 of Williamstown, N.J., his girlfriend and another friend drove to Hollis Street and Walnut Lane in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia around 11 p.m. Friday to look at an all-terrain vehicle advertised on Craigstlist, according to Philadelphia Police.

Investigators said an unidentified man, believed to be selling the ATV, walked Cook around the corner to look at the four-wheeler and then shot him in the left side of his face.

Cook was dead when officers and emergency responders arrived on the scene, police say. He was pronounced dead at 11:23 p.m. Friday.

The man's family confirmed he was killed as he tried to answer the online advertisement, but were too distraught to speak further.

Witnesses described hearing two gunshots before hearing screaming and seeing people run from the scene.

"I saw a couple of young people running down the street and one yelled out, 'Oh, they shot Danny,'" said neighbor Geraldine Jones.

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Law enforcement sources close to the investigation tell NBC10 the victim was robbed. They don't believe the shooter is from the West Oak Lane neighborhood.

Philadelphia Police homicide detectives' investigation led them to a home along the 1900 block of Lukens Road in Willow Grove, Pa.

There detectives took a man they're calling a person of interest into questioning. A neon blue Buick with large chrome rims was also towed away for evidence.

NBC10 tried to speak with a woman who lived in the home, but she yelled profanities and drove away.

Mary Trauger lives across the street from the person-of-interest's home. She says she knows the man who police are questioning in the case.

“He’s has been in trouble many times…arrested for stealing. I am shaking like a leaf to be honest, it’s scary.”

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