Prepare for ‘Kellyoke’: Clarkson Tells Fans What to Expect from New Talk Show

Wanna go for a ride with Kelly Clarkson?

The newest addition to the world of talk show television took a spin around the Universal lot while talking to California Live about her upcoming talk show and clued viewers in on what they can expect.

Are you ready for "Kellyoke?"

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"Yes. There will be 'Kellyoke.' I mean I've been doing it on tour for over a decade. We cover artists that I really love... and we thought... well... lets just do it on the show. We open every show with a cover. Sometimes it's a throwback like an Aretha. Sometimes it's something newer."

But don't expect Clarkson to cover any of her own material. At least not yet.

"Probably not. That seems like vanity run amok," Clarkson laughs. But then offered this sliver of hope. "I mean... maybe if I release a new single."

"The Kelly Clarkson Show" debuts Sept. 9.

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