Dramatic Video: Driver Shoots at Pa. Police Officer's Head

Dramatic video from a Pennsylvania police officer's dashcam shows him running for cover as a driver opens fire -- aiming right for the officer's head.

Officer Lynn Anderson pulled the driver over on the night of November 22 in Manchester Township, York County. He suspected the man behind the wheel of the 1994 Buick Sedan was driving under the influence.

When Ofc. Anderson asked the driver to get out of the car and to "turn around and put your hands behind your back," the man started shooting.

Anderson ran, rolled to the ground and then shot back.

The officer was not hurt. The gunman took off and may be injured. His car was found the next day with blood inside. He's still on the run.

Police identified the alleged gunman as Trev Bowies Jackson, 24.

Northern York Regional Police Chief Mark Bentzel is asking anyone with information to call 911 or their officers at 717-292-3647.

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