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Dog Rescued After Nearly 24 Hours Stuck in Pipe

Layla, a 50-pound, four-year-old beagle, was just trying to chase a squirrel when she ended up stuck in a pipe

A Bartlett woman watched as firefighters rescued her pet beagle from a pipe after the dog spent nearly 24 hours alone and stuck.

Layla, a 50-pound, four-year-old beagle, was walking unleashed with her owner, Sandra Dyer, on New Year's Day in West Chicago when she saw a squirrel and bolted, according to a story in the Daily Herald. Dyer searched for her dog and when she couldn't find her, she knew she must be stuck somewhere.

Layla had ended up in an underground concrete culvert pipe.

Dyer contacted DuWayne Animal Clinic when she discovered Layla's "butt wiggling and her tail wagging" inside the pipe, according to the Daily Herald.

Carol Stream firefighters arrived and began the rescue mission. Firefighters told the Daily Herald they measured the pipe and then cut into the concrete before they were able to pull Layla out by her hind legs.

Layla emerged shaken and dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed, according to Dyer.

As for Layla's squirrel hunt? It was unsuccessful.

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