“Cronut” Creator Introduces New Treat

Meet the Frozen S'more

Dominique Ansel refuses to be a one-hit dessert wonder.

The New York pastry chef who started the croissant-doughtnut hybrid craze, otherwise known as the "cronut," introduced his latest confectionery creation Friday -- the frozen s'more.

Vanilla custard ice cream is coated with chocolate cookie wafers, stuffed inside a gooey marshmallow, which is then blasted with a blow torch to give it a toasty finish.

The end product is a cold, crisp, inventive take on a campfire classic.

But you better hurry. The cool confection sold out within minutes of its release at the Dominique Ansel Bakery, according to a "Thrillist" article, and who knows how long they'll be around for.

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