It's Colbert's Canada

Forget Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White. These Olympics belong to Stephen Colbert.

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People of Canada, Colbert has landed. Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, arrives in Vancouver for special tapings of his show.
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It was a great day in Canada when Stephen Colbert reported for duty.
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Not many people realize that hosting a TV show can be hard work. Before his strenuous schedule kicks in, Stephen Colbert catches a moment of down time to relax with the latest issue of Cat Fancy.
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Next up is study time. Colbert takes his role as Assistant Sports Psychologist seriously and brushes up on his counseling skills with the classic manual "Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies."
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Having worked up an appetite, Colbert needs some nosh. Nothing too heavy... half a sandwich should do the trick.
With his modest set in place, Colbert is ready to tape The Colbert Report's special edition from Creekside Park.
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Stephen Colbert thanks the good people of Canada for their hospitality. "No matter whether you're Canadians, Indians or Asians, there's one thing that unites you: You're not Americans."
First guest up is NBC's Olympics sportscaster Bob Costas. Colbert let the audience steer this interview. "Ride the moose! Ride the moose! Ride the moose!" the crowd chanted. "Don't worry," Colbert assured them. "He'll ride the moose."
Costas went along for the ride and struggled to mount a giant stuffed moose as Colbert held the prop steady. And turnabout was fair play.
Another guest, US speed skater Mitchell Whitmore, knows who the real star of the show is. During an interview, Whitmore is lucky enough to snap a picture of Colbert for posterity.
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Next up US gold medalist, snowboarder Seth Wescott shows his gratitude to be on the show with a custom Burton snowboard for Monsieur Colbert.
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Colbert can win a gold without even competing in the Games, proving Seth Wescott's achievements are nothing compared with Colbert's ability to don the gold-medal-winning snowboard cross athlete's garb. Colbert is just that good.
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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Things are going just a little too fast at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Stephen Colbert calls for a time-out from men's speed skating to get a few extra minutes.
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While in Vancouver, Colbert tries on a few other Olympic sports for size... along with their uniforms. Could he be the next hottest Olympian?
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Colbert knows that nothing says, "I'm your number one fan" like a giant foam finger. Colbert cheers on the competitors at the Richmond Olympic Oval prior to the men's speed skating 1000 m finals.
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Throngs of people gather to see the great one take the stage in Vancouver. And rightly so. Creekside Park has never been so graced.
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Despite being called "syrup suckers" and "iceholes" by Colbert, Canadians have given the comedian a warm welcome... as they should.
The good people have shown their support wearing t-shirts like this, and holding signs that say "Colbert for Prime Minister."
And other signs like this one. Colbert's response to the good people of Vancouver? "I take back everything I've said about Canada." Well played, sir.
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Colbert will continue to go for Olympic glory at the Winter Olympics... if not on the rink, then off.
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Perhaps at the Whistler-Blackcombe resort, where the snowboarding and ski-jumping events are being held, which could go into foreclosure this week. If Colbert rescues the ailing property, the nation of Canada could be another feather in the cap of The Colbert Empire.
So far it's been a good run in Vancouver for Stephen Colbert, proud sponsor of the speed skating team, Assistant Sports Psychologist, and host of The Colbert Report.
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