Fukunaga’s Next: “The Dirty Dozen” Meets the Civil War


Cary Fukunaga, he of the recently overlooked "Jane Eyre," has found his next project, which has been described as "The Dirty Dozen" set during the Civil War.

Fukunaga is working with Chase Palmer on the latter's script for "No Blood, No Guts No Glory," reported Variety. Palmer's original script made the 2009 Black List, which offered the following logline:

“A spy and twenty Union soldiers in disguise board a train in Georgia to execute a scheme that could bring a quick end to the U.S. Civil War.”

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The film is based on The Great Locomotive Chase of April 12, 1862, during which a group of men led by James J. Andrews who hijacked a southern locomotive and wreaked as much havoc as they could along the way--until Confederate troops caught up with them. The adventure was the inspiration for the Buster Keaton film "The General," which took its name from the stolen train.

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