Boy Calls 911 about Bedtime

A 10-year old Massachusetts boy reportedly called police in protest over his bedtime earlier this week. 

Dan Davis dialed 911 just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday night and hung up before speaking to anyone.  He then retreated to his bed and hid under the covers, according to Brockton-based newspaper The Enterprise.

Davis is a fourth grader who wanted to stay up later than usual while on vacation from school.

When the dispatcher called the boy back at his home his mother answered the phone and explained the situation. Shamayne Rosario, a mother of six, said that her son refused to go to bed and threatened to call the police to report her.

"I said go ahead," she told NBC affiliate WHDH.

The boy chose not to get back on the phone with officials while his mother berated him for calling the emergency line.

As the department is required to confirm all calls in person, officers were sent to the family's home. Rosario asked the responding officer to explain the importance of 911 calls to her son, also outlining when such calls are appropriate.

Rosario told Enterprise that she believes her son learned his lesson.

No one involved was charged, but Dan was grounded for two weeks.

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