Bill Hader Working on “Henchmen,” and a JFK Impersonator Impersonation

Bill Hader, probably the most talented member of the "Saturday Night Live" cast, has been making the rounds in support of "Paul," his upcoming Area 51 comedy. Along the way he's been opening up about what the future holds for him.

The next project on Hader's horizon is a film he's working on with Akiva Schaffer, "Henchmen," about a pair of goons who slowly realize they signed on with the bad guys.

“The film is about two guys who don’t realize it, but they’re two henchman for like the bad guy in a ‘Bourne’ movie and then they slowly figure who that they’re working for the wrong guys, but like doing it in the actual style of a ‘Bourne’ movie," Hader told The Playlist.

And further down the road is a movie that could really leverage Hader's gifts, a film about Vaugh Meader, a real-life comedian who became a star on the strength of his JFK impersonation, only to have the gig come to an end with the president's assassination.

“It’s about this guy who did these JFK impressions back in the ‘60s and he had this comedy album called The First Family and it was the biggest selling comedy record, still to this day I think it’s one of the biggest selling comedy records. He does this insane, amazing JFK impression and then JFK gets assassinated and his whole career goes away. So Rob Siegel ("The Wrestler") is working on that now.”

You can see Hader March 18, playing an unstoppable sociopath out to capture an alien invader in "Paul."

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