Angus T. Jones' “Two and a Half Men Rant”: “Everyone Was Completely Blindsided”

Source close to the show tell that no decision has been made yet, but CBS is scrambling to figure it out.

What happens when you bite the hand that feeds you in a very public and damning way? The powerful hands gather to decide what to do with you. (Sorry, the hand metaphor got weird, fast.)

A day after "Two and a Half Men's" Angus T. Jones called the show "filth" and begged people to stop watching, CBS and the powers-that-be on the show are scrambling, multiple sources tell E! News, including holing up in what one insider describes as "high-level meetings."

See Jones trash "Two and a Half Men"

There has been no official comment from CBS, "Two and a Half Men" mastermind Chuck Lorre or Warner Bros., which produces the show. Likewise, Jones' reps have been silent.

However, sources behind the scenes say Jones' impromptu rant threw everyone for a loop

"No one saw this coming. Everyone was completely blindsided and had no idea he wanted off the show. It's crazy," one Men insider tells us. "He gets along with everyone and has always been professional. This is definitely something new and the cast and crew are worried about him. It seems really out of character. He is a good guy. He really is."

Because Jones' character has been featured less on the show this year (Jake is in the Army), his actions have not yet affected shooting--despite a TMZ report claiming he was due on set today for rehearsals, Jones was not scheduled to work. But produers are hoping to figure out a way to move past the incident.

"We are hoping it will be worked out because we don't know, can the show go on without the Half? Even though he's not around much, the title would be off," the well-connected says. "Everyone already went through the drama and lack of job security with Charlie [Sheen] so we are hoping this is settled fast."

Athough the crew is concerned about Jones, a second set insider says that this is nothing compared to what happened with Mr. Tiger Blood, "It's odd behavior for sure, but with Charlie they were scared for his life. They were scared something was going to happen. This isn't the case with Angus."

(For the record, Sheen didn't have any comment on the Jones situation.)

A third source, meawhile, says that Warners will ultimately make the call about Jones' future on "Two and Half Men" based on what happens in those hastily called meetings and insists nothing has been decided yet.

Jones' contract on the long-running comedy is up after this season, and as producers have proven with Sheen, the show can go on without one of its original stars.

We're guessing they're glad John Cryer is a team player.

--Additional reporting by Melanie Bromley and Marc Malkin

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