A Rooster Sits at Top of Hardware Store’s Pecking Order

This “security guard” watches Gecko Hardware store like a hawk.

He’s a rooster named Prince George, and he’s winged royalty at this Dallas store, where customers flock to see him.

“They'll be shopping around in this department and all of a sudden they'll be like oh my god that's a rooster!" said Gecko store owner, Andrea Ridout.

He doesn’t mind being petted. One customer, Cynthia Simpson, said, “He's an excellent bird, when you stop in he'll look you in the eye."

Ridout took in the rooster because she also sells chicks at her home improvement store. His previous owners thought he’d be too ornery, but that hasn't been the case for Ridout.

"Sometimes it'll get hairy around here and I'll pick him up and hold him and snuggle and he loves it,” Ridout said.

It is against city code to have poultry walking around inside a store, but Ridout said they got an exemption.

He’s been at the store for a year now, and he’ll likely rule the roost for as long as he wants.

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