2-Year-Old Boy Found Wandering Alone in Delaware Street

A 2-year-old Delaware boy is back home safe after he was found wandering alone in the streets as his family slept, according to police.

Brittney Jones, who works for a roofing company, told NBC10 she spotted the boy walking in the middle of Colony Drive Monday morning in Dover.

“I said, ‘buddy, where you going?’” Jones said. “I leaned down to him and pointed to both directions. He was holding our hands. He was talking to us. He walked right into the house without crying or hesitation.”

Jones and her co-worker knocked on neighbors’ doors to figure out where the child came from but no one knew. They then called Dover police.

Police officers then posted a photo of the child on the Department's Facebook page asking anyone who knew who he was to come forward. The boy’s parents then contacted police an hour after the Facebook post went up.

Investigators learned the child woke up as his family slept, got dressed, unlocked the door and then wandered the streets by himself. Fortunately the child was not hurt, thanks in large part to Jones and her co-worker.

“He could’ve been hit, somebody could’ve taken him,” Jones said. “I wanted to help. I’m out here and nobody else was.”

Police say they don’t plan on filing any charges.

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