1st Look Loves: Halloween at the McKittrick

For the Halloween season, why not go to an experience that will awaken the darkness, the voyeur, and the curious itch that has been waiting to be scratched. Sleep No More can provide just that, where your venturous spirit is encouraged at the McKittrick Hotel.

Built in 1939, the McKittrick was intended to be the most decadent hotel of its era, but six weeks before opening, WWII broke out and the building was condemned and remained locked until now. As you enter, you are given a mask and told to remain silent throughout the production.

The audience will then be put through what seems to be a perilous environment, which quickly turns into an adventure of twists and turns. It is an interactive show where the experience is not spoon fed, but rather earned.

Exquisite sets, complex narratives, and spectacles of the players will keep the guests on their feet, and on the move. Punch Drunk and Emersive took over five floors of three connecting warehouses to build this labyrinth complete with psychiatric wards, ballrooms, cemeteries, and a hospital wing to name a few.

All set to a soundtrack that is reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti. Loosely based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, scenes play out in over 100 unique rooms. The idea is to follow a character of your desire, but you can switch at anytime or follow no one and browse the gorgeous deco era sets. What you see next will be an individual experience where the more you seek, the greater the discovery.

The McKittrick will also be hosting The Carnival des Corbeaux, which kicks off tonight, and continues through Halloween. Each night having a unique costume theme to which guests will be asked to strictly adhere. The parties will take place directly after the Sleep No More performances.

The schedule for Carnival des Corbeaux is as follows:
Friday, October 26: “Le Charmeur de Serpent” Let the animal kingdom inspire your dress for the evening. Feathered, furred, or scaled attire required.
Saturday, October 27: “La Contorsionniste” Throw modesty to the wind and flaunt your flesh. Come in your most glamorous and provocative attire.
Sunday, October 28: “La Femme a Barbe” Unleash your alter ego of the opposite sex. For this night, dress in your gender-bending finery.
Monday, October 29: “La Clairvoyante” Conjure the spirits of the dark side. Dress as sorcerers, witches, fortune-tellers and other bohemian creature of the night.
Tuesday, October 30: “Les Sœurs Siamoises” On this night, bring along your identical twin. And make sure you stay side-by-side. Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and beyond are most welcome.
Wednesday, October 31: “Le Sorcier” On All Hallows Eve, the choice is yours. Come dressed as the carnival denizen of your choice.

“Sleep No More” continues at the McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Street, Chelsea; 866-811-4111

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