Woman Struck by Stray Bullet While in Bed

Police say a 58-year-old woman was in bed when a stray bullet came through the window and struck the right side of her face.

A Philadelphia woman is fighting for her life after being shot while lying in bed.

It happened Friday at 2:45 p.m. at a home on the 5800 block of Morton Street in Germantown.

Police say a shooting occurred at a nearby front lawn. An unknown amount of gunmen fired 14 rounds at a silver car heading south on Morton, according to investigators.

One of the bullets went through the window of the second floor of a house where a 58-year-old woman was lying in bed.

Investigators say the bullet struck the woman's chin and traveled toward her back. She was taken to the hospital where she is currently in critical condition.

Police located the silver car they believe was involved in the shooting nearby the home on Mechanic Street. Investigators say the car was abandoned.

The victim normally watches neighborhood children while their parents are at work, according to investigators. During the shooting, the victim's daughter as well as four small children were also inside the home. They were unharmed.

No arrests have been made. Police continue to search for the alleged gunmen.

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