Woman Scares Off Home Invaders by Hitting Them With Cans in Northeast Philadelphia

A Northeast Philadelphia woman used an everyday household item to fight off two home invaders who broke into her apartment in Holmesburg, Philadelphia Police say.

AP File Photo (inset) / Google Street View

A pair of home intruders chose the wrong Northeast Philadelphia apartment to break into overnight and found themselves fleeing when a woman in the home caught them and beat them with a bag of cans.

Police said the quick-thinking 28-year-old woman was inside her apartment on Ditman Street near Rhawn, in Holmesburg, with a 46-year-old man when the pair heard someone tampering with an outside door about 3:15 a.m. Minutes later, they heard the unlocked sliding door in the kitchen slide open.

The man and woman got up and confronted two men, both of whom were wearing hooded sweatshirts, who had broken into the apartment, police said.

The woman picked up a bag filled with canned goods and began hitting the intruders with the bag, while her male partner managed to push one of them out the door. Both intruders finally fled on foot north through the apartment complex, police said.

The home-invaders were unable to steal anything from the apartment, and neither of the victims was injured, according to police.

The only description police had of the intruders was that they both wore dark sweatshirts and were about 6 feet tall with medium builds.

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