Bystander Saves Woman From Robber: Cops

A suspect is in custody after attempting to rob a Collingdale check cashing store Thursday morning, according to police.

Authorities say that 28-year-old Jerrel Robinson of Yeadon tripped the alarm at PCMR Inc. on the 700-block of MacDade Boulevard as he forced a female clerk inside when she arrived at work around 8:30 a.m.

Robinson, armed with a gun, began rifling around the store. He ripped a picture off the wall in an attempt to break into the safe, police tell NBC Philadelphia.

The clerk took advantage of the distraction and called her boss as well as 9-1-1, but did not speak -- she didn't want to make noise.

Meanwhile, a good samaritan who saw the clerk being forced into the store was busy flagging down police a block away, authorities tell NBC Philadelphia.

About 20 minutes after police arrived at the scene, Robinson allowed the victim to leave the store. Inside, he tried to escape through a bathroom window in the back of the store. After breaking the sink, he realized he couldn't get out and hid his gun in an air conditioning floor vent.

Police entered the building shortly after and arrested the suspect without incident. They also recovered the hidden gun, a loaded .380 semi automatic.

Robinson has an extensive criminal history that includes robberies and kidnappings.

Police are also investigating the suspect in connection with other robberies in the Philadelphia area.


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