Cop Killer: “I Apologize, Mrs. Cassidy”

Officer's widow took the stand at sentencing hearing

John Lewis, the man who admitted killing Philadelphia Police Officer Chuck Cassidy, interrupted emotional testimony by Cassidy's widow to tell her he was sorry.

"I apologize, Mrs. Cassidy," Lewis blurted out in tears Wednesday during his murder trial.

Judy Cassidy didn't respond, according to The Daily News.

Cassidy was just finishing her testimony. She was on the stand for about five minutes, talking about her late husband's life and the day he was killed. Many people in the courtroom cried -- including members of Lewis' family -- as Cassidy spoke about her husband and their children.

The sudden outcry by Lewis caught the courtroom off-guard and the judge ordered Lewis and the jury out of the room while he met with attorneys. When the trial resumed, both sides called it a day.

Lewis, 23, admitted killing Officer Cassidy in 2007 when Cassidy walked into a donut shop Lewis was trying to rob. He pleaded guilty to a general murder charge. The jury must now decide whether he committed first or second-degree murder.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Lewis may face the death penalty. A second-degree conviction would earn him life in prison.

Closing arguments are expected Thursday.

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