Philly-Area Laundry Workers Claim They Were Shorted on Wages

A class action suit has been brought against a laundry company in the Philadelphia region by its employees.

Workers at Olympic Linen and Laundry Service claim they are being paid less than the minimum wage and shorted on overtime pay.

Attorney Joshua Rubinsky said hundreds of employees may have been underpaid.

"There are an assortment of people who work in this place, Cambodians, Central Americans, Mexicans, US citizen-born Americans, and they all have been subject to wage theft," he said.

Former employee Keith Garvin said he is one of the many who have been ripped off.

"I was promised I would receive $8 an hour," he said. "I received my first check where I received $8 an hour, then the checks after that I was only receiving $7.50 an hour."

The company cleans the sheets, towels and restaurant napkins for many of Philadelphia's most exclusive hotels, including The Hyatt at the Bellevue.

A call to Olympic's phone number went to a voicemail, and there was no response to a request for comment.

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