Philadelphia Parking Authority Continues Crackdown on Shared-Ride Services

Still at odds with two ride-sharing services, the Philadelphia Parking Authority continues to impound cars.

Services UberX and Lyft use apps to match with those who need a ride and cars with drivers. Parking Authority Executive Director Vince Fenerty said they are unregulated taxis and that's why the authority, which also regulates taxis in the city, has impounded more than four dozen cars.

"We're going to do that until there is a change in the statute in Harrisburg," Fenerty said. "They are running a hack cab service; their drivers are not trained; their drivers are not licensed; the vehicles are not inspected; and we have no idea who is out there providing service."

Fenerty, who said he would not recommend the shared ride service to anyone, said the cars are not inspected and drivers not vetted.

"Anyone could be driving them, any type of felon, any individual could be driving them," he said. "And we don't know when the last time the car was inspected."

Taylor Bennett of Uber replied to the allegations by sending this statement: "Protecting Big Taxi by restricting safe, reliable rides and job opportunities for those who rely on Uber does nothing but harm Philadelphians.

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