While Occupy Philly Stays Illegally, Permitted Exhibit Kicked Out of Plaza

A permitted exhibit to bring awareness to aviation safety had to be moved because Occupy Philly has not completely vacated Dilworth Plaza

A Philadelphia law firm scored a permit to exhibit a twin-engine Cessna Skymaster plane in front of City Hall. But the existence of the remaining - unpermitted - Occupy Philadelphia members quickly got the legal exhibit kicked out of the park.

Only a few hours after setting up the exhibit meant to make a statement about a 2007 plane crash, the Wolk Law Firm’s permitted plane had to be disassembled Monday. Why? Because it was too close to the Occupy Philadelphia members who are still camped out at Dilworth Plaza without a permit, reports the Inquirer.

"[The city] just said it can't stay here," John Gagliano, a lawyer with the Wolk firm, told the Inquirer.
Mayor Nutter’s Spokesman Mark McDonald told the Inquirer “it was not a good idea” to have the Cessna so close to the illegal encampment. 

Dozens of tents remain at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment outside City Hall, after a city-imposed deadline Sunday for the protesters to move to make way for a construction project.

No arrests have been reported since the deadline passed.

According to the Inquirer, the Cessna was moved to a lot behind the Criminal Justice Center. The law firm specializes in aviation safety and accidents.

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